Superintendent Garilee Ogden is "pleased" with the overall grade of C the Groveport Madison district received on its state report card for the 2017-18 school year.

The report card was released Sept. 13 by the Ohio Department of Education.

"We could not be more pleased with the growth and progress our students are making," Ogden said in a press release issued Sept. 14. "Our staff has worked tirelessly to ensure our students are academically successful.

"We are focusing our efforts to ensure that every student is achieving to his/her maximum potential, making every lesson and every day count," Ogden said. "The state report card is one benchmark for us to measure our efforts, and we feel good about the direction in which we are moving."

Information from the ODE indicates Groveport Madison earned its highest grade, an A, in progress, which measures how much students learn from the previous school year in the areas of English language arts and science in grades 4-8.

Progress also looks at the growth of students classified as the lowest 20 percent statewide in reading, math, or science; gifted students; and students with disabilities. The district received A's in each of those subcategories.

The district improved its grade in gap-closing, earning a B this year, up from its previous grade of F. Gap-closing evaluates how the district is meeting the needs of students with different disabilities, economic backgrounds and ethnicities in English language arts, math, graduation rates, and English language proficiency.

The district scored a D in achievement, which takes into account results from every student on state tests and whether student performance on those tests met established thresholds.

Groveport Madison schools also earned D's in four-year and five-year graduation rates; achievement, which measures student performance on state tests; and K-3 literacy, which looks at the progress the district is making in helping students who are struggling with reading achieve proficiency by the time they reach third grade.

The district received an F in prepared for success, which reviews how well students are prepared for college, technical school, or the workforce after high school.

Communications and Community Relations Director Jeff Warner said the district garnered an A on the gifted value-added category this year, which measures the amount of growth that students achieve over the course of a year.

However, the district did not meet the overall gifted indicator, which includes the gifted value-added category along with the performance index for gifted students and a gifted inputs score.

Districts with at least 10 unique students in the gifted performance index calculation must score 117 or better to meet the gifted performance index component; Groveport Madison's score was 107.7.

Gifted input points are earned based on identification and services provided to gifted students. Districts must earn at least 80 points out of a possible 100 to meet the gifted inputs component; Groveport Madison scored 60.