The Wednesday, Oct. 3, meeting of the Northwest Civic Association is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. in an unusual location, the Carriage Place Community Center instead of the Meadow Park Church of God on Bethel Road.

The shift to the center at 4900 Sawmill Road is to allow board members and the general public to also be on hand for a special community meeting, planned for 6 p.m., during which Columbus Recreation and Parks personnel will discuss the future of the 57-acre site off West Case Road formerly owned by Ohio State University. It was part of the university's agriculture campus and is often referred to as the Sheep Farm.

When Tony Collins, the department's director, announced at the Sept. 5 meeting of the NWCA plans for the early-October gathering to discuss the Sheep Farm, some trustees expressed dismay it would occur at the same time as their own session.

Since then, schedules have been arranged so that the two gatherings can take place back-to-back, said NWCA President Nick Cipiti and Sophia Fifner, community relations chief for Recreation and Parks.

"We actually worked with the civic association leaders," Fifner said. "Several of the board members suggested that we keep the date and time. They all felt really good about the time, date and location."

Cipiti said they finished coordinating the meetings with the city and Carriage Place on Sept. 18.

"Tony Collins will do his presentation from 6 to 7 and the NWCA will hold its regular monthly meeting immediately after at Carriage Place."

"Recreation and Parks were very understanding and helpful in coordinating."

Fifner said the community gathering portion of the evening will be similar to the Sept. 5 NWCA meeting.

"We're going to give an update on wherever we are with regards to the purchase of the Case Road property," she said.

"We're going to give some of the options for Case Road and then we'll have various stations set up to receive feedback. We want to get as much feedback as we possibly can."

It was also at the Carriage Place Center that Mayor Andrew J. Ginther, during a July 19 Community Family Night, announced that in accordance with the wishes of many who live in northwest Columbus, that the city would work on a purchase agreement for the Sheep Farm site with OSU.

At the Sept. 5 meeting, Collins said the latest appraisal for the property is $5.2 million. The purchase is to be completed by the end of the year.

Collins cautioned that $5.2 million is a big chunk of his department's budget, and developing the site as something other than open green space might be years in the future.

He said, however, that he was going to work with Upper Arlington officials and administrators with the Dublin City School District regarding those jurisdictions participating in the overall project.

For the NWCA meeting Oct. 3, Cipiti said the guest speaker will be Dan McCann from the Columbus Code Enforcement Division, who will discuss the process for reporting possible violations.

Marilyn Goodman, chairwoman of the NWCA Graphics and Zoning Committee, said only one case is on the agenda for that evening, a proposal for an automobile collision repair shop on the southeast corner of Bethel and Sawmill roads.

It's the site of a former BP station, she said.