Flour comes in all sports of variations, from wheat to rice.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Is potato flour underrated?

Andrew King: I'm not sure we live in a world where potato flour is rated in any way.

Scott Hummel: It must be. I've never heard of it until you asked. But just when I thought flour couldn't be any emptier a carb than it already was ...

Sarah Sole: I don't know enough about flour to answer this question.

Dennis Laycock: Is that something you use in cooking? Because I don't really do that.

Lisa Proctor: When I Google it, everything tells me how to substitute for it in recipes. I would go with yes.

Nate Ellis: I think it's rated pretty appropriately.

Abby Armbruster: Yes. Potato bread and donuts made with potato flour are so good.

Neil Thompson: Can it be underrated if I wasn't aware of its existence until this question?

Lee Cochran: I've never had it and doubt I ever will so I really don't know. Fifty percent more carbs than regular flour? Wow. Not what the doctor would recommend.