ThisWeek Community News encourages readers to share their opinions through letters to the editor.

Letters must meet basic standards of quality for publication, and ThisWeek reserves the right to edit each letter for clarity and style.

Submissions longer than 300 words will be rejected or returned to the writer for revisions.

Letters must be the original work of the writer, in his or her own words. Only one author per letter is permitted, though a writer may pen a letter as a representative of a group or organization.

Prohibited submissions include form letters, political-candidate endorsements, letter-writing campaigns, letters citing unverified facts, figures or assertions and letters that address the community rather than the editor. Anyone who submits a plagiarized letter will be banned from future submissions.

Writers should include their name, street address (only the city or township is printed) and a daytime phone number (used only for verification of authorship).


The deadline to submit all elections-related letters for the Nov. 5, 2019, election is noon Wednesday, Oct. 23. Candidate endorsements are prohibited. The maximum word count per letter is 150 words. Longer letters will be discarded. Any letter containing data must include links to the sources for data that is being cited. Finally, form letters and letter-writing campaigns will be monitored, and all such letters will be discarded. No letter writer may submit more than one election letter per election cycle.

Questions may be submitted via email to or by phone at 740-888-6054.