The Dublin City School District could end up using a portion of the former Ohio State University agriculture campus often referred to as the “sheep farm” as site for an elementary school if district growth warrants it, according to Superintendent Todd Hoadley.

The city of Columbus has an agreement with OSU to purchase the property, and the school district will purchase 15 acres from Columbus for a little less than $1.5 million, Hoadley said.

The district wanted to secure the land site if another elementary school is needed on the district’s southern edge, Hoadley said.

According to the results of a “build-out study” the district released Aug. 28, the district by 2029 will likely need a 15th elementary school, said Deputy Superintendent Tracey Miller.

The school district is seeking a combination $195 million bond issue, a 2-mill permanent-improvements levy and a 5.9-mill operating levy on the November ballot. The tax issue would provide money for elementary schools 13 and 14 and a fifth middle school.

An elementary school and middle school would be built in Jerome Village, while another elementary school would be built on Bright Road.

Should a 15th elementary school be needed, the 15-acre property is one option for where it could go, Hoadley said.

“We’re looking at multiple plots of land to give us future options,” he said.

The sheep farm land purchase by Columbus, could help prevent the construction of additional residences, which might have added a couple hundred more students across grades K-12, Hoadley said.

Daniel Wright Elementary School, 2335 West Case Road, is already over capacity and has 686 students in the building, he said.

Capacity for Daniel Wright is 650 students. The building is above its capacity by 36 students, according to Doug Baker, Dublin City Schools spokesman.