Decorating the hallways of Grandview Heights High School is always one of the most anticipated parts of its homecoming celebration.

And this year's theme indicates that for students, there's no place like biome.

Student council selected biomes as the theme, which each class will use to plan the decorations they'll add to their assigned hallway after school Thursday, Oct. 4.

A biome is a major ecological community type, such as rain forest, grassland or desert.

"It's definitely a most unique theme," student council adviser Kevin McCarthy said. "Most years, the students will pick something more ordinary, like TV characters or movie franchises. This year's senior class has shown a mark of distinction since they got here."

The hallway theme is selected the previous spring to give classes plenty of time to start planning how they'll spruce up their hallway during Spirit Week, he said.

The senior class has been talking about choosing the habitat-related theme since they were freshmen, student council President Shea McHugh said.

"For some reason, that subject just became something people were interested in," she said. "It kind of started as a joke, but then it become something that a lot of people wanted to see. This year, as seniors, we have more of a say and we were able to pick that as the theme.

"I think it's going to give each class more of a chance to be creative in decorating their hallway," McHugh said. "It's going to be super-fun."

"I can't wait to see what ideas they come up with," McCarthy said.

Student council planned a variety of Spirit Week activities leading up to the homecoming game Friday, Oct. 5, against London.

Each day featured a different dress-up theme.

Monday featured a battle of Hipsters vs. Preps, with students dressed to show allegiance to one or the other side. Tuesday was Jersey Day, Wednesday was Meme Day and Thursday was the annual Twin Day, where pairs of students arranged to dress alike.

Friday is Bobcat Spirit Day, on which students will dress to match their class' hall.

Each class chose a specific biome theme, McCarthy said. The themes for each class were tundra/taiga, freshmen; savanna/desert, sophomores; rainforest, juniors; and underwater/oceans, seniors.

The week's activities were set to include a Class Clowns of Grandview competition Oct. 1.

"We used to have a Mr. Irresistible competition. Every time a guy got a girl to talk to him, she gave him a bead," McHugh said. "The person who got the most beads was Mr. Irresistible."

This year's competition will involve trying to make people laugh, she said.

"We thought it would be more inclusive and give more people a chance to participate," McHugh said.

Students will vote this week to select a king and queen from the homecoming court.

The senior class selected the homecoming court and each candidate is a senior, but all students will vote for the king and queen, McCarthy said.

The queen candidates are Nina Burchfield, Emmy Davis, Nya Feinstein, Sydney Narcelles and Katherine Taylor.

King candidates are Silas Callison, Brett Holcomb, Hudson Jump, Nate Pommering and Sam Speaks.

"I've always been impressed at how our students approach the homecoming court and vote for the king and queen," McCarthy said.

"They keep it in perspective and try to make it a fun thing and not just a popularity contest."