Officers responded Sept. 24 to two reports of counterfeit $100 bills being used at businesses on Stringtown Road.

The manager of a store in the 2200 block of Stringtown told police another employee had told him three counterfeit bills had been used at the store Sept. 22.

The manager used store video to match the times on the video and receipts to pinpoint when the bills were used.

The first transaction was by a man who made $27.48 in purchases and received $72.52 in change. About 40 minutes later, the same man came back into the store and asked a clerk to provide change for another $100 bill.

A female then came into the store and made purchases totaling $13.64 with the third counterfeit bill and was given $87.35 in change.

The bills did not have a water mark or security strip. Each bill also had the same serial number.

Several hours later, police were called to the gas station at a store in the 2400 block of Stringtown on a report of a fake $100 bill being recovered.

An employee reported a man with a gold tooth and wearing a gray jump suit had come to his window to buy a carton of cigarettes.

The man tried to pay with a $100 bill that tested positive as being counterfeit. He told the clerk he had received the bill from the store and asked if he could have it back. The clerk refused, and the man walked away.

An officer went to the store and was told a man matching the description of the suspect at the gas station had just tried to quick change a clerk at the store's coffee shop.

Another employee realized the scheme and stopped the transaction before it was completed. He was able to get all of the store's money back.

Another man completed a quick change transaction at the gas station before the first man attempting to pass the counterfeit bill.

Surveillance video showed both men leaving in the same vehicle.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* A woman who is in charge of the drill team at Park Street Intermediate School, 3205 Park St., reported the money she had collected from students to purchase team uniforms was stolen.

The woman said she collected $5,901 from about 100 students and placed the payments in a money bag, which she put in her purse. The purse was in the school cafeteria and when she picked up her purse before leaving the building, she discovered the money was missing. The theft occurred between 7 and 7:30 p.m. Sept. 18.

* A resident in the 4200 block of Broadway reported several items were stolen Sept. 19 from his apartment. The stolen items included video games, two smart televisions, a laptop computer, a desktop computer, a safe and $150 cash. Total loss was $3,380.

* A resident in the 3400 block of Gateway Lakes Drive reported Sept. 20 the tires and rims were stolen overnight from his car. Total loss was $1,600.

* An employee at a golf club in the 1500 block of Pinnacle Club Drive reported two pairs of golf shoes belonging to him were stolen from the men's locker room.

The employee said a male suspect walked into the clubhouse at 5 p.m. Sept. 23 and went into the locker room. He came out carrying the golf shoes and exited the building.

The victim said he recognized the shoes as being his and went to the locker room to check. He found his locker had been opened with an unknown object and his shoes missing. He said he confronted the suspect who was sitting in a car in the parking lot. The suspect claimed the shoes belonged to his cousin and drove off.

* A resident in the 3200 block of Rose Avenue reported two rings and $300 in cash were stolen Sept. 19 from her house while she was at work.

Total loss was $700.