To the Editor:

I am a resident on Thoburn Road in Norwich Township.

This is a road that originally was made for use by four households. It serves as the only two-way, in-and-out access to Duranceau Park, a private boat club, the Ohio State University rowing facilities and a parks and recreation building.

There is currently work underway to widen the road and create speed bumps. While the cutting of trees and the inconvenience this creates is unfortunate -- mostly for the residents -- I would like to put out that it is also unfortunate how needed this work is.

The amount of vehicles that use our road is stunning: 400 to 500 cars, daily. Many of these vehicles drive way too fast, endangering not only my small children who have no sidewalk, but also many walkers and bikers. Due to the fact that no one is willing to make any other access point or provide a walking path, which we tried for, this was the only option.

My biggest concern is the attitude of the drivers that come through. Many behave as if they are being inconvenienced, both on a small, overused road and with the current construction. I am in no way against the use of the wonderful facilities down the road and stand for anything that promotes and allows access to the outdoors. What I am against are big public entities and individuals who have no consideration for the property or safety of others.

So before one decides to complain about the road in any aspect, please remember that it is the result of many facilities being shoved into one small space with only one access point, resulting in an astonishingly dangerous overuse of the road.

Erin Stone McLaughlin