Whitehall residents will be able to have some free, warm-weather fun with their out-of-town grandchildren next year at the city's splash pad at John Bishop Park.

"We got a lot of questions from grandparents about it last year," said Shannon Sorrell, Whitehall's parks and recreation director.

Based on the inquiries, Sorrell said, she made a proposal to the city's parks and recreation commission to allow those who are members of the Whitehall Senior Center to take nonresident grandchildren to the city's splash pad for free.

"It's a good avenue to allow the grandparents of Whitehall to utilize the splash pad while hopefully opening up opportunities for them as members of the senior center," said John Fetters, chairman of the parks and recreation commission, whose decision to approve the proposal was unanimous.

The city's current policy is a $5 splash-pad admission fee for all nonresidents, but that fee will be waived for the grandchildren of those are members of the Whitehall Senior Center, Sorrell said.

Senior center membership requires residency in the city and is open to those 55 and older.

The membership fee is $10 annually.

"We think this is a good benefit for our seniors," said Sorrell, adding it increases the incentive for membership for the senior center.

Wes Kantor, Whitehall City Council member and chairman of council's parks and recreation committee, said he is pleased such a policy was presented and approved.

"I've said left and right and back and forth that grandparents should be able to take their own grandchildren to the splash pad for free," Kantor said.

"It's a good policy. It helps our seniors and the children who can use the splash pad."