Welcome to "The Great Food Debate," where we discuss the best food, drinks and specialties found in central Ohio. For the whole month of October, we are celebrating "National Pizza Month" by focusing on a different topic relating to pizza each week.

Last week, we made a laundry list of the 'best-ofs," from favorite deep dish to best high-end pizza found in central Ohio.

This week, we interviewed three pizza experts who own local shops in central Ohio, some of whom have national and international awards under their belt for their pizza. We asked them what they try when they're trying a new pizza joint, what kind of ovens they use to bake their pizza and whether they get sick of eating it (spoiler alert: they don't!).

"Even bad pizza is better than no pizza," said Ed Bisconti, owner of Borgata Pizza Cafe and one of the expert guests on this week's episode.

This episode's panelists are:

• Jeff Aufdencamp, owner of Mama Mimi's Take N' Bake Pizza

• Ed Bisconti, owner of Borgata Pizza Cafe

• Brad Rocco, co-owner of Bexley Pizza Plus

Where can the best pizza be found in central Ohio?

• Jeff's pick: Tommy's Pizza (locations in Columbus and Dublin), Sparano's Pizza (3590 Trabue Road, Columbus), Carsonies Stromboli and Pizza Kitchen (locations in Westerville and Upper Arlington)

• Ed's pick: DiCarlo's Pizza (4142 Main St., Hilliard)

• Brad's pick: Coaches Gahanna ( 230 Granville St., Gahanna) and Little Sicily's Pizza (2965 Brice Road, Brice)

Other restaurants mentioned in this episode:

• Woody's Pizza Buffet (1305 Washington Ave., Golden, CO)

• Pizza Rock (201 N. Third St., Las Vegas)

• John's Pizzeria on Bleecker Street (278 Bleecker St., New York)

• Anthony's Coal Fired (locations in Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island)

• Soodles Bake Shop (14 Dillmont Drive, Columbus)

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