All residents of Grandview Heights should be fully informed about Issue 31, the Green Space Overlay.

If passed, Issue 31 would double the green space overlay from 100 to 200 feet, a setback into the private properties along the north side of Goodale Boulevard between Urlin Avenue and Wyandotte Road.

The Issue 31 overlay limits rights to personal property and does not create any public green space.

The current 100-foot setback requirement was enacted in 1989. At the time, a number of proponents for a green-space overlay successfully lobbied the city to prevent a neighbor from building a home on a privately owned lot at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Goodale Boulevard.

The neighbor sued the city, after which the city was forced to buy the property. To this day, the city has owned this residential property; the land generates no taxes and the city pays for the maintenance.

Almost 30 years later, history is repeating. Consider the consequences of Issue 31. Property owners within the Issue 31 overlay could sue the city for loss of property rights. The cost would be substantial to taxpayers not only to defend, but also -- as was the case in 1989 -- in the purchase and long-term maintenance of the restricted land.

Becky Oberla

Grandview Heights