Grove City police recently investigated two reports of thefts from hotels.

A Tennessee man reported two plastic bags his wife had packed with jewelry, toiletries and prescription medication were stolen Oct. 4 from their room at a hotel in the 3900 block of Jackpot Road. Total loss was $2,000, reports stated.

A Michigan woman told police her daughter's cellphone, valued at $900, was stolen Oct. 6 while the daughter was swimming in the pool at a hotel in the 4100 block of Parkway Centre Drive. The girl left the phone by her towel and found it was missing when she finished swimming, according to reports.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* An officer responded Oct. 4 to a report that a female student at Grove City High School, 4665 Hoover Road, had sold Adderall to another student. A school administrator told police the girl told her she had provided pills to the other student on Mondays starting at the beginning of the school year.

She also admitted to selling pills to another student in the school on another occasion, according to reports.

The administrator said she searched the student's backpack and found six 30 mg Adderall pills, reports stated. The student told the administrator she had a prescription but did not actually use the medication herself.

Officers advised the girl's parents she would be charged with aggravated drug-trafficking.

* A Galloway man told police his cellphone, valued at $1,100, was stolen Oct. 5 from a store in the 1600 block of Stringtown Road.

The man said he had placed the phone in his cart while he was shopping and left it behind.

After he left the store, he realized what he had done and returned to where he had left the cart to find it and his phone were gone, according to reports.

* A resident in the 5100 block of Sandpiper Court reported Oct. 5 a work bag, containing a hearing aid and headphones, was stolen overnight from his car.

The man said he was leaving for work and found items from the glove box were strewn on the center console and front seat of his car.

He then noticed the bag and its contents were missing.

He told police he had received an alert from his bank that four unauthorized transactions, totaling $550, had been made that day using one of his credit cards, reports stated.

* A resident in the 3100 block of Longridge Way reported his Social Security number and bank account information were used Oct. 8 to transfer $2,000 from his savings account to a liquid-bank account.

The man said he had opened an email message, that appeared to be from his bank, advising that his account required attention. When he followed the steps listed in the message, he was asked to give his Social Security number and bank account information, which he did, reports stated

Several hours later, his bank notified him of suspected fraudulent activity on his account and he discovered the email message was a scam.

About $1,000 of the money transferred from his account was spent in Florida, according to reports.