Dublin's Spooktacular on Oct. 18 at Coffman Park was a spectacular cornucopia of costumes -- many, many costumes -- as in thousands. No kidding.

ThisWeek Community News staff members saw princesses, superheroes, animals both imaginary and real and even a walking basket of dirty clothes. And they weren't all children. Many adults were dressed for the occasion, as well.

We handed out candy -- and dropped a lot on the ground. Well, one of us specifically dropped a lot of candy on the ground. She was dressed as a Christmas tree. She knows who she is.

Regardless of how much candy made it into buckets, bags and pillowcases, ThisWeek Community News community editors Tim Krumlauf and Lisa Proctor, reporter Sarah Sole, social-media strategist Abby Armbruster and assistant managing editor Scott Hummel enjoyed getting into the community and getting to know you, our readers.

Also, kids, we'll let your parents know you remembered to say thank you.