Recently, Grandview Heights Schools sent all residents our 2018 Financial Prospectus.

This is a document that shares our district's financial story and includes details about where our money comes from, what our spending priorities are, what kind of a return on investment residents receive, and the varying issues that impact our bottom line.

Grandview Heights Schools are excellent and provide a tremendous value to the community. Yet it is incumbent on us to share our story with our stakeholders. This includes our many accomplishments as well as our challenges. It also means sharing what is happening in our classrooms and how these programs are funded.

We make it a priority to operate in an effective and efficient manner. We have taken advantage of more than $100,000 in annual daily operations savings. This includes eliminating a full-time staff position in the treasurer's office, competitively bidding our property and liability insurance and our annual financial audit, changing insurance brokers and banking institutions, and purchasing supplies in bulk to take advantage of volume discounts. We have a mindset of carefully stretching our precious resources as far as possible.

The district also maintains a reasonable budget, with nearly 75 percent of the daily operating funds dedicated to classroom instruction, where they can do the most good. We know that hiring high-quality teachers and staff members to work with our students on a daily basis makes a difference in the type of education we can provide.

In addition, the district earns awards and accolades for its financial standards. This includes earning the Auditor of State Award for the last three consecutive years. This shows we not only take managing our finances seriously, but that we are doing so with appropriate checks and balances in place and that we are performing at high-level accounting standards.

I hope you will review this latest financial prospectus. It shares key information with all residents in a transparent and easy-to-understand manner.

Residents also can find the prospectus on our website at under the "Departments" and "Fiscal" tabs.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Grandview Heights Schools. Should you ever have any questions about the district's finances, feel free to contact our office by calling 614-485-4018 or by emailing me at beth.collier@

Beth Collier is treasurer of Grandview Heights Schools.