Issue 6 is the right plan at the right time.

My two children attended each of the school buildings in the district. They benefited from the low student-teacher ratio, committed faculty and staff and a supportive community. But I can't help but wonder what more they could have achieved with updated facilities.

Research shows that school buildings do have an effect on how students learn and teachers teach and that physical classroom environments influence student achievement. A building's structural facilities can profoundly influence learning. Fluctuating temperatures, inadequate lighting, noise and low air quality are related to worse student achievement.

Redesigned and improved facilities will also allow for modernized learning spaces like science labs, upgraded safety systems and ADA compliance. I could name specifics in each school building that hamper classroom learning or safety.

Our schools are in desperate need of upgrades. A vote for Issue 6 is a vote for buildings that will support student achievement. It is an investment in our community and one that will pay off in the long run.

Please vote for Issue 6.

Susan Jagers

Grandview Heights