Grandview's first high school classes were conducted in the Harding School, built on Fairview Avenue in 1896.

There were only four classrooms and no indoor plumbing.

After the construction of Grandview Elementary School -- the current east wing of Edison Intermediate/Larson Middle School) in 1912, some high school classrooms were provided in the basement of the elementary school.

These photographs are from the 1917 high school yearbook and show the freshman and sophomore household economics (left) and the manual arts (right) classrooms.

By 1920, the household economics room also functioned as the district's cafeteria.

Students helped with meal preparation and cleanup, which by necessity was completed by noon so the space could be used for teaching.

The indoor restrooms in the new elementary school served the entire student body and also served as locker rooms for the athletic teams.

The current high school was built in 1922 to alleviate overcrowding and provide more modern facilities.