Worthington's It's a Wonderful Window contest will be used as an opportunity for Ohio State University students to showcase their skills for the holiday season.

The Old Worthington Partnership is working with Ohio State and Faith Bartrug of CallisonRTKL, who will be helping students design and build window displays for 26 retailers.

"It's a huge portfolio builder for them," said Annina Parini, executive director of the Old Worthington Partnership.

Students from the colleges of interior design and fashion retail will be working together in teams, making it the first time the two respective colleges at Ohio State have worked together, Bartrug said. The students will receive three credit hours of independent study for the project, Parini said.

Bartrug said the project was personal for her.

Although she took a different route after college, Bartrug is a graduate of the fashion retail program.

"They will get hands on experience and come away with a great portfolio piece," Bartrug said.

The displays will be designed around the theme, "Share the Love."

Merchants on the east side of the street are being paired with merchants on the west side, and the designs will give subtle nods to each other in their windows, Parini said.

The displays will be installed Nov. 3-4 and officially will be open to the public on Nov. 7. The decorations will remain until early 2019.

The kickoff celebration will be Nov. 7 and will allow students to showcase their work to other retailers in the area, such as L Brands, Parini said. Students will be judged on their displays by a panel.

The winning team will receive a $1,000 prize and tickets to the International Retail Design Conference, Bartrug said.