Powell police are looking for two suspects connected to credit-card "skimming" case at a local bank.

According to a city press release, employees at WesBanco, 10716 Sawmill Parkway, discovered that a skimming device had been attached to the bank's exterior ATM on the morning of Aug. 4.

Skimming devices are designed to steal credit-card information from customers who insert their card.

In a video from the bank, "two unknown white males are seen tampering with" the machine.

Both men can be seen in the video above.

The same men returned the next day to retrieve the device, according to reports.

According to the release, 14 people had their card information stolen over that day, accounting for $5,399 in stolen cash.

Police are looking for the men and have asked anyone with information to call the Powell Police Department at 614-885-3374.