Westerville Central High School junior golfer Grace Welty played for a worthwhile cause this season, raising money for victims of human trafficking.

Before the season, Welty secured 31 sponsors to support her goal of raising money for Freedom a la Cart, a nonprofit organization that helps victims of human trafficking in central Ohio through employment opportunities.

Each sponsor agreed to donate a certain amount of money for each par that Welty recorded this season. She raised $4,734.50 for 98 pars.

Welty will present a check to Paula Haines, executive director of Freedom a la Cart, on Nov. 13 at Central.

“My golf performance was much more meaningful this season knowing that every par would benefit those affected by human trafficking on the local level,” Welty said. “People living in central Ohio may not know that human trafficking exists in our community. It was my larger goal to bring awareness to this issue and how organizations like Freedom a la Cart are working to provide sustainable employment to survivors.”