Because of the rate of growth in Grandview and Marble Cliff around 1922 and the resulting increase in fire runs, the city of Columbus, which had been providing fire service to the villages, began charging Grandview for service, and later canceled all service.

This prompted village leaders to begin discussions of a local fire department, which would require equipment and a building to house it.

A new municipal building -- this drawing is from the Norwester magazine that year -- was planned to provide space for the fire department, village government offices, the library, police offices and a jail, and space for all of the community organizations that couldn't be accommodated in other local buildings.

The plans included a gymnasium, a billiard room and a five-lane bowling alley.

The proposal was controversial and was never put on the ballot, primarily because of the priority needs of the schools, and the new high school, which was built the next year.

A scaled-down police and fire building -- the current building on Grandview Avenue -- was proposed and built in 1923.