Dublin City Council has adopted the city's 2019-2023 Five-Year Capital Improvements Program.

The CIP is a five-year outlook for anticipated capital projects and is reviewed and updated annually by the city.

These projects are primarily related to improvements in transportation, parks, utilities and facilities.

In developing the CIP, several elements are taken into consideration, including City Council goals, grant funding opportunities, economic development opportunities, technology improvements, maintenance/rehabilitation of existing city facilities and infrastructure and community surveys.

The CIP is developed in support of the city's Strategic Focus Areas, with emphasis placed on the safety of the public and employees, the city's overall fiscal health and promoting economic vitality.

The 2019-2023 CIP represents a capital funding plan that emphasizes continued maintenance of the city's existing assets and infrastructure while providing funding for enhancements and new infrastructure such as parks, roadways and improvements within our neighborhoods.

Funding priorities include maintaining existing assets and infrastructure and completing construction of Riverside Crossing Park within a three-year timeframe.

Notable projects slated for funding in the CIP include:

* Riverside Crossing Park -- a little less than $17.73 million for construction of east park upper plaza and lower plazas and west plaza site improvements (2019); west plaza site improvements, east park open space and events lawn and retaining walls and stairs along Riverside Drive (2020); west park path improvements, site stabilization and restoration (2021)

* Dublin Community Pool North -- $7.15 million for design (2019) and construction (2020)

* Shier Rings Road -- $11.2 million for design (2019), site acquisition and utility relocation (2020) and construction (2021) to upgrade the existing two-lane road to a four- to five-lane divided road with median, curbs and gutters.

In total, $194.3 million has been programmed over five years, including $77.3 million for maintenance projects and $117 million for enhancements /new infrastructure.

I invite you to view the entire list of projects outlined in the CIP by visiting our website, DublinOhioUSA.gov /finance.

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Angel Mumma, director of finance for the city of Dublin, submitted the City Notes column.