Hilliard residents now can file reports for specific misdemeanor crimes and make other service requests via an online reporting system.

"We are excited to launch our online reporting system that is now available on the city's website," Hilliard Police chief Bobby Fisher said.

"This system is another example of how Hilliard police is using technology to improve customer service for the people we serve," he said.

The online reporting system is available at the city's website, hilliardohio.gov.

The crime must have occurred within the city limit of Hilliard or in Norwich Township, said Andrea Litchfield, a spokeswoman for the division.

There also must be no known suspects or leads in the crime, Litchfield said.

If a reporting person has a suspicion of who might have committed an offense, the incident must be reported to an officer in person, Litchfield said.

According to Litchfield, the offenses that will be accepted online, include non-injury traffic crashes on private property such as retail store parking lots or school property, identity theft, telecommunication harassment, menacing, lost property, theft and criminal mischief.

Definitions of these offenses are included on the website.

Residents also can use the system to request a house watch, a public appearance or to request traffic enforcement.

The new reporting system serves two purposes, Litchfield said. It provides residents the convenience of reporting these kinds of incidents online and gives officers additional opportunities for proactive policing, Litchfield said.

After a resident has submitted a report, the resident will receive an immediate email confirming its receipt along with a tracking number, Litchfield said.

If the report is approved, it will be issued a case number and the reporting person will receive an email with an attachment of the report in one to three business days, Litchfield said.

If the crime is found to have occurred outside the city limit or is outside the parameters of the online filing criteria, an email also will be sent notifying the resident.

Residents can view a tutorial of the online reporting system on YouTube.

The police department will continue to receive reports filed in the traditional manner.

Residents still can call the division's communications center at 614-876-7321 to request an officer to come to their location or stop by the police station to speak to an officer, Litchfield said.

"A majority of our reports are still being received in the traditional way but some people are using our online system," Litchfield said.


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