Hilliard City Schools administrators have started a 12-month process intended to result in a vision that will set the district's direction for the next decade.

"Next Ten," stylized as "Next X," is the district's vision for the 2020s.

Superintendent John Marschhausen announced Next X at the conclusion of his sixth State of the Schools address Oct. 25 at Heritage Golf Club.

Marschhausen lauded the successes of the district's "2020 Plan," a vision led by his predecessor, Dale McVey.

That plan was implemented in 2008 and established the district's vision through 2020, said Marschhausen, who outlined the successes of the plan's multiple components including Hilliard U, a professional-development program in which teachers share best practices with other teachers, and One2One, a multiyear effort that provided an iPad tablet computer to each of the district's more than 16,000 students.

"I can only hope that the job we do in 2018 is as visionary, is as complete and is as spot-on as the work that was done in 2008, " Marschhausen said.

Next X is not a plan but a vision for how to prepare students in the third decade of the 21st century for jobs that in many instances don't exist today, Marschhausen said.

"... This is dreaming about what we want the district to look like for the next decade because that is what will continue to set us apart," Marschhausen said.

"Our kindergartners this year are graduating in the class of 2031," he said after the address.

Next X will focus "on providing our district with a clear path of what our purpose will be moving forward towards 2030," Marschhausen said.

"During the next several months, our subcommittees will be meeting to begin the process of planning our 'Next X,' " Marschhausen said.

The groups will include community members, external experts and staff members, including, but are not limited to, Deputy Superintendent Mike McDonough, Assistant Superintendent Vicky Clark, director of innovation Mark Tremayne, director of secondary education John Bandow and director of communications Stacie Raterman.

"By next spring, our steering committee will begin to write the goals and expectations," Marschhausen said.

He said at the conclusion of his address he hopes to share the completed vision at Hilliard's State of the Schools address in 2019.

School board member Heather Keck said Oct. 29 she is "very excited with the plan the district has put together for moving beyond the 2020 Plan."

"It is forward-thinking and responsible. I believe it is the right plan to continue to prepare our students for tomorrow," Keck said.


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