The German Village Society is only able to accomplish its work and mission because of a dynamic force of volunteers. It would be impossible for our team of four to serve our community without the dedication and commitment of our volunteer base.

As I sit in committee meetings, have individual stakeholder conversations, attend events and continue to familiarize myself with the complexity of this organization, I try to remember the last time I have worked with a collective of engaged, committed and empowered volunteers and I draw a blank.

You are each to be commended. Sure, I have worked with a lot of volunteers. Many experts. Most were passionate about our cause.

However, where you stand out, is your ability to come together and work independently so that the organization and neighborhood succeed and thrive beyond the capacity of our small team.

Thank you.

You'll often hear nonprofit organizations ask you to consider investing a combination of your time, talent and treasure. However, as a collective, we tend to lead and repeat with requests for investments of treasure, right?

Financial contributions are vital to an organization, obviously. However, let us not downplay how critical your time and talent investments are to us.

Your service on our board of trustees ensures a healthy, sustainable and thriving organization.

Your service on a committee or task force helps us address topics centric to our mission.

Your service planning an event both provides an opportunity to build community and raise funds.

Your service in the Visitor's Center and as a tour guide educates our guests on our history and promotes the many wonderful things to see and do throughout the district.

I could go on and on. I could even name names, but you would be reading for some time.

I felt that it was important to take a beat and just say, "Thank You."

Too often, we get caught up in just trying to keep up that we forget to show appreciation to those who make this all possible. Please know that you are valued.

With the continued support and dedication of German Village Society volunteers, we will continue on our successful path of preserving, protecting and promoting life among the bricks.

Still searching for your purpose and looking to make an impact in the community?

Do you love German Village?

Let's have a conversation about how where your time and talent can best be utilized through service with the German Village Society. Contact me at dlopez@germanvillage .com and let's begin our journey.

German Village Society Executive Director Delilah Lopez submitted the Village Notebook column .