Westerville Central High School thespians will present a collection of seven short plays, exploring the many ways how social media affects modern life in "Anti-Social."

Show times are 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 2 and 3, and 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 4, in the school auditorium, 7118 Mount Royal Ave.

"It's rather exciting as we are the regional premiere for 'Anti-Social,' a new play by Don Zolidis, the same author of 'Game of Tiaras,' which a lot of local schools do," said Stephanie Matushoneck, director. "'Anti-Social' is a collection of short,hilarious plays about social media. All the shorts are student-directed."

The play explores social media ranging from Instagram to Facebook, recalling even when Myspace was cool.

"They're (the shorts are) all absurd; some are a little poignant, but most are pretty ridiculous," Matushoneck said. "There are seven shorts, so we really don't have leading roles. I like doing a show that includes a lot of kids."

In "Price of YouTube Fame," sophomore Aidan Morgan plays Drake.

"Drake embodies YouTubers. They are loud and want to be the focus," Morgan said.

Freshman Isa Sanchez, who plays Toni in the same short, said she's a fan of Drake.

"She's a girl who loves Drake and his videos," Sanchez said. "She gets pulled into his world. Drake offers to let her be part of the channel, but she has to sign away her soul. Conflict happens and I think a lot of people will be able to relate."

She said Toni is a girl who watches YouTube all the time.

"She's very relatable and I hope people see how dynamic she is," Sanchez said.

Junior Adam Keith, who plays Hunter in "Pinterest Isn't Totally Making You Ashamed of Your Life," said audiences will appreciate how funny it is.

"Hunter is a laid-back husband to Kyli, played by Clara Gowdy, whose obsessing over Pinterest for our son's first birthday party," he said. "And it affects her in odd ways."

He said the script is comical.

The production's supervising student director and stage manager is Katherine Ganobsik and the student technical director is Sami Tamolunis.

In the short "Parental Oversight," the characters and cast include: Dad, Riley Keith; Mom, Kennedy Kandi; Allia, Ashley Schaffer; Brother, Sam Hauersperger; and Magda, Becca Borton.

It's directed by Mattes Brown and Sarina Motts.

In "Price of YouTube Fame," Drake is played by Morgan; Jamison, Isaac Martin; Mom, Hailey Niemet; and Toni, Sanchez.

It's directed by Maria Dalano and Isabella Glaser.

The cast of "Trollz" features Bobo, Frank Schulze; Mondo, Anika Dauber; Kerry, Evelyn Clark; Maggie, Emma Snyder; Extra, Isabella Sodergren, Kayla Carter, Kiera White and Clara Gowdy. It's directed by Olivia Horlocker and Bryden Mier.

Appearing in "Viral/Rival" are Amelia, Sydney Ballinger; Boss, Kyra Lesmerises; Austin, Rocco Rivera; Brent, Keegan Hinton; and Workers, Annie Strosnider, Isabella Sodergren and Clara Gowdy. Janelle Guilbault will direct.

In "Pinterest," the cast includes Clara Gowdy as Kyli; Keith as Hunter; Keegan Hinton as McQuaid; and Brandon Wuebker, Robinson. Ruthanne James is the director.

In "Followers," under the direction of Nia Themelaras, the characters and cast members are Andrew, Isaac Martin; Bart, Randy Tran; followers: KJ Belski, Joey Canteri and Elizabeth Pierce.

In "Last Living Myspace User," the characters and cast members are Aiden Morgan; Kathy, Lia Southwick; Janitor, Bridget Yu'; Dead Bodies/ Figures, New Rungnak, Elizabeth Pierce, Joey Canteri and Ella Weaver. Megan Elkins and Drew Moore are the directors.

General admission tickets cost $10.

To purchase tickets go to https://www.locallevelevents.com/events/details/6002/