Crews are in the midst of collecting what will be more than 500,000 pounds of leaves throughout New Albany, and they will continue through Dec. 7.

Collected leaves are delivered to a yard-waste processing facility, where they are converted into organic compost.

In all, crews will pass every New Albany home at least five times. The remaining weeks of the leaf-collection program are:

* Tuesday, Nov. 13, to Nov. 16 for neighborhoods south of Dublin-Granville Road.

* Nov. 19 to 21 for neighborhoods north of Dublin-Granville Road.

* Nov. 26 to 30 for neighborhoods south of Dublin-Granville Road.

* Dec. 3 to 7 for a final sweep of every neighborhood.

After Dec. 7, New Albany crews no longer will collect leaves and attention will be turned toward treating our roadways for cold weather.

At that time, households still will be able to discard leftover leaves not collected by New Albany crews as part of normal yard-waste collection, which generally is every Thursday with trash-and-recycling collection.

Leaves will be collected as yard waste if they are placed in paper yard-waste bags or in a container marked "yard waste."

Anyone not wanting to wait for the next yard-waste collection date to dispose of leaves can take leaves to the Kurtz Bros.' compost facility at 6055 Westerville Road, Westerville. Residents are advised to call 614-882-0200 for hours of operation.

Other leaf options include using a mulching lawn mower to mulch leaves back into the lawn (mulched leaves provide nutrients for the soil) or placing leaves in and around plant beds and under trees and shrubs. This practice provides nutrients for surrounding soil and insulates the plants.

Here are some other tips to help the rest of leaf-collection season go smoothly:

* Rake leaves to the curb, but not in the street, and stop raking to the curb Dec. 2.

* Do not rake leaves near mailboxes, trees, lights, signs or in shared green spaces.

* Rake leaves to the curb before 7 a.m. on Mondays to ensure collection. Crews cannot guarantee weekly collection of any leaves raked to the curb after that time.

* Do not place any object other than leaves in the leaf piles. Branches, twigs, flowers, rocks and grass clippings can damage leaf-collection equipment.

* Do not park on the street during collection week until the leaves are collected. Leaves under or behind parked vehicles cannot be collected.

* Do not place leaves into storm drains or stream banks. Leaves cause bacteria, deplete oxygen and kill stream wildlife.

Contact New Albany's public-services department at 614-855-0076 with any leaf-collection questions.

Mark Nemec is New Albany's public-services director.