For the last seven years, John Weber has served as Grove City's service manager.

He's retiring at the end of November, but residents seeking the service manager will still be able to ask for "Mr. Weber."

Weber's brother, Joe, has been appointed by Mayor Richard "Ike" Stage to fill the position effective Dec. 1.

John Weber, 54, has served as service manager since 2011. He started as a seasonal parks maintenance worker for the city in 1984 while attending college.

He worked outside the city during the mid-1980s.

"All that time I was waiting for a vacancy and opportunity for a full-time position in Grove City to open up," he said. "I wanted to work in my hometown."

He was hired for a full-time parks maintenance position in 1988 and became parks maintenance supervisor in 2000.

Joe Weber, 39, also began doing seasonal work for the city, starting in 1999 during a summer off from college.

"I think we're both outdoorsy people," Joe Weber said. "Growing up, we both liked to get out of the house and play sports."

"Right from the start, I liked working in parks maintenance because you were outdoors and begin active," John Weber said.

For the past seven years, Joe Weber has supervised the city's traffic-light maintenance program within the street maintenance division in the service department.

"It's been a unique experience to work with your brother and see him every day," he said. "I've been able to learn a lot from observing how he does his job.

"I'm coming into a good situation, because he's leaving us in a good position," Joe Weber said. "I just want to follow through and carry on the culture he's set in our department."

John Weber said he feels good being able to hand over his duties to someone he knows and trusts like his brother.

Both men have provided outstanding service for Grove City, Stage said.

"John's been a mentor to a lot of people in the service department and of course, the big advantage of choosing Joe as his replacement is that he brings such a great institutional knowledge of the city," he said.

"John has contributed so much to the community and we're certain that Joe will continue that precedent," Stage said.

Stage said the brothers' father, Greg Weber, also worked in the city's service department.

"It's a family tradition," he said.

One main duty for the service manager is to help coordinate the city's snow and ice removal.

"Our crews go on winter snow call beginning Nov. 1 through April 1, and those nights can be long when we have a big snow storm," John Weber said.

"It's the roads our families and friends drive on, too, so we work really hard to get them salted and plowed as quickly as we can," he said.

He said he doesn't know how he's going to feel during the first snow storm that hits after his retirement.

"It's going to feel strange not having to go on duty," he said.

'I'll bet the first few times, he's going to have that instinct of wanting to be involved," Joe Weber said.

"We'll see," John Weber said with a laugh. "I might just go back to bed."

Both brothers agree it's been special serving their home community.

"When you're working in your hometown, you take a little more pride and get a little more satisfaction doing your job," Joe Weber said.

"Sometimes, you have a chance to help someone and it turns out to be a friend or someone you know, and that's a great feeling," John Weber said.

His initial plans for retirement include spending more time with his family.

"I have two sons who are 25 and 22 years old, and over the years they've had to make some sacrifices when I've had to be on call," he said. "So my first plan is just to spend more time with them, take the winter off and maybe in the spring look for a part-time job opportunity."

Starting Dec. 1, Joe Weber said he will be hoping for a mild winter.

"After all the wet weather we've had this year, I think we're all hoping the precipitation is going to give us a break now."