Some Woodward Park Middle School students are taking a stand for education.

Or they're sitting down. It's really up to them.

The students at the school off Karl Road are using 15 LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desks, donated by the manufacturer, Ergotron, in partnership with Fuel Up to Play 60 and the American Dairy Association Mideast, with offices on Corporate Exchange Drive.

"Fuel Up to Play 60 is an in-school nutrition and physical activity program launched by National Dairy Council and the NFL, in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture, to help encourage today's youth to lead healthier lives," according to the website for the organization.

Woodward Park, 5151 Karl Road, is one of four schools in four states to receive donations of the standing desks.

The desks are a hit with some of the students who have been using them.

"I just thought they would be like regular desks," Michael Robinson said. "I like it."

"You have more space where you can put your stuff," Bonntte Conteh said. "If you have a regular desk, your water bottle can roll off."

"They're OK," Majanique White said. "My back hurts when I sit, so I stand most of the time."

"I just mostly stand all the time," Hayden Entingh said.

Christopher Daniel, an educational technology instructor at Woodward Park Middle School, appreciates not only the physical side of Fuel Up to Play 60 but also the emphasis on a healthy diet.

"It's just getting them to understand the physical part and the nutritional aspect," he said. "I love the opportunity it gives all the students."

According to information from the American Dairy Association Mideast, "Studies continue to find positive correlations between movement and academic performing resulting in increased interest in movement-friendly classrooms."

Ergotron, with headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a global design and manufacturing firm that produces digital-display mounting, furniture and mobility products. This is the company's fourth year of participation in Fuel Up to Play 60.