How would you like to live to be 100? Now think about living to be 100, with your mental clarity and physical ability intact. For many, the answer would be "yes."

The city of Dublin is exploring research behind longevity and community wellness with a presentation about Blue Zones, from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 15 in the Dublin Community Recreation Center, 5600 Post Road.

Blue Zones is a global initiative originally funded by National Geographic, which studied populations around the world with the highest longevity.

The Blue Zones Project aims to make healthy choices easier by partnering with worksites, schools, restaurants, faith-based communities, grocery stores and neighborhoods to effect policy changes that improve the health of the community.

Blue Zones communities have recorded drops in obesity, smoking and blood pressure among other health factors and have saved millions of dollars in annual healthcare costs.

Led by a nationally recognized speaker from the Blue Zones Project team, the presentation is meant to inspire, educate and inform community members and stakeholders about sustainable solutions for improving population health.

The community is invited to attend the presentation to learn more.

To register, visit

Mollie Steiner, recreation services administrator for the city of Dublin, submitted the City Notes column.