The Pickerington Public Library on Saturday, Nov. 10, will be host to a final class for people to make fleece scarves to help keep those in need warm this winter.

Although the library has for years helped lead and organize projects to help a variety of charities and people in need, this year is the first for its Library Wide Service Project.

Nov. 10 will be the final opportunity for the public to get involved in the project, which involves making no-sew fleece scarves that will be donated to the city of Pickerington's Dorothy Steiger Memorial Mitten Tree.

The scarf-making program event will be from 2 to 4 p.m. in the library's Sycamore Plaza Branch, 7861 Refugee Road.

Each year, the Pickerington Parks and Recreation Department collects new or gently used winter mittens, gloves, hats and scarves it then donates to Fairfield County Job and Family Services to be distributed to children and families in need.

The library decided to facilitate the effort this year to broaden its philanthropy projects, as well as help connect people in the community with the library.

"This year's project is an extension of a project our tweens completed last year," said Grace Walker, a youth services coordinator at the library.

"Last year, we partnered with the Pickerington Food Pantry and made them for their holiday boxes.

"This year we are partnering with the city of Pickerington and donating them to the Dorothy Steiger Mitten Tree."

At Saturday's event, people of all ages are invited to a scarf-making class where library staff and volunteers will teach them how to make the fleece scarves from donated materials and items left over from a scarf-making project the Teen Advisory Board led last year.

"The program is open to anyone in the community that would like to give back to the community of Pickerington," Walker said. "We will have all the supplies needed on hand at the program, and it doesn't take long to make a scarf.

"Community members of all ages can stop in for just a few minutes and make one scarf or can stay for 30 minutes and make multiple scarves."

Walker said the library doesn't have a numeric goal for scarves to donate to the Mitten Tree but hopes to provide as many as possible.

She said, with instruction from the library's staff, the scarves are simple for people of any all ages to make.

Library Community Relations Coordinator Colleen Bauman said, residents can give back to their community through the scarf-making event.

"The Pickerington community is a very generous one and during the holiday season many people are looking for a way to give back," Bauman said.

"By offering a librarywide community service project that is open to all ages, we are offering a way for them to connect in their community."

No registration is needed to take part in the scarf-making event.

However, there are alternatives for people who cannot attend.

They can go to the library's blog post about the event at, which will provide customers with a link to directions about how to make scarves they can donate to the mitten tree or other charitable organizations or projects.