A Hayes High School student has been charged with a felony count of inducing panic after threats caused officials to cancel classes Thursday.

Troy F. Ferguson, 18, of Delaware was being treated Thursday, Nov. 8, at a secure medical facility for undisclosed reasons. An arrest warrant has been issued and will be served upon his release, said Delaware police Capt. Adam Moore.

School officials learned of the threats after school ended Nov. 7 when two students came forward to say Ferguson had made statements about causing harm to others.

The students "overheard four other students talking about a planned school shooting" Nov. 8, with one of them describing the shooting as a "bloodbath" and warning others "just don't come to school tomorrow," according to a report filed in Delaware County Municipal Court.

A school resource officer eventually was told and reported the encounter to officials.

Hayes High School was closed Nov. 8.

Delaware police investigated into Nov. 8 and determined Ferguson was acting alone. He was arrested without incident at the home of an acquaintance.

According to the complaint, Ferguson held up a backpack in school and told a classmate, "I got it in here," referring to a weapon.

Police eventually tracked Ferguson to a friend's home on the first block of North Washington Street, where they encountered Ferguson in the basement.

He told officers the comments were not serious and he was joking.

After a police K9 unit was alerted to drugs inside Ferguson's car, it was searched and narcotics were found along with a .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun, an Airsoft pistol, rope, gas can and a wig and fake beard.

Moore credited the students for coming forward, but he noted that "several other students who heard things did not come forward."