Since moving to Columbus, the Honey and Blue duo have become a force.

Vocalist Stephanie Amber and guitarist and vocalist Adam Darling are combining pop and blues-rock sensibilities in ways that exceed their scope, putting them in musical ranks with singer-songwriter groups, a la Johnnyswim.

The chemistry between Amber and Darling immediately is apparent upon sitting down to talk with them. It is not surprising considering the cohesiveness of their music.

In terms of songwriting, the couple see their individual musical talents come together and influence one another.

Darling refers to their songwriting dichotomy as a "challenge" because it makes them look at their individual approaches differently than they normally might.

"We have a lot of different toolboxes to pull from," Amber said.

Darling used the analogy that his counterpart was, "the LeBron James of the relationship. No matter what I throw at her, I know she's going to dunk it."

As for their songwriting influences, Darling cited Chris Cornell and Aretha Franklin in their blunt and effective delivery, and Amber cited Sara Bareilles and Carole King, making the selections on "All The Feels," the group's recent album, perfectly rational.

The progression of Honey and Blue plays as a kind of fairy tale for the musically inclined.

After moving from New York and Ohio to Los Angeles, the two met while working together.

They began writing music, recorded their first album and moved to Columbus.

Amber said they've seen "an emphasis on community" since entering the Columbus scene, and it shows in their collaborative, personal and, at times, anthemic album.

After releasing the single "Speechless" earlier this year, Honey and Blue plans to release another single and a set of live sessions before embarking on a third record.

The duo said the stripped-down sound of "Speechless" is more an ode to their past than a teaser for their future.

They said they plan on exploring more new sounds and building upon the foundation laid down in "All The Feels."

Regardless of the direction they choose, the chemistry between the couple should yield results worth every bit of listening time.

Honey and Blue's next live performance will be at 7 p.m. Nov. 24 at Woodlands Tavern, 1200 W. Third Ave. in Columbus.

Tickets to the performance are $10 at

The show also will feature the George Barrie Band.

James Harker helps write the weekly In The Record Store column, which focuses on central Ohio music discovery and involvement.