Yorkshire pudding is more of a bread than pudding and often is served on the side with meats, such as a roast.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Is Yorkshire pudding the next big thing?

Dennis Laycock: Seems unlikely. It gets off on the wrong foot with a name that sounds much tastier than it is.

Scott Hummel: Maybe in Britain. Maybe in some affluent cities in the U.S. I live in Newark. I don't see it catching on there any time soon.

Andrew King: I don't think Yorkshire pudding has been the next big thing since the 1700s.

Sarah Sole: Nah.

Neil Thompson: Now that I know what it is, I sure hope so. It seems like a delightful dish.

Abby Armbruster: It can't be the next big thing when it's been around for centuries.

Lee Cochran: I don't think so, especially for me.

Lisa Proctor: No.

Nate Ellis: No.