On behalf of the students and staff of Dublin City Schools, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our community for its support of Issue 5.

One of the things that sets our community apart and defines the Dublin Difference is their commitment to the education of our children.

I would like to publicly thank the co-chairmen of the Good Schools Committee, the privately funded committee formed to promote the passage of Issue 5, for their unbelievably tireless efforts during campaign season.

Becka Mayr, Deb Papesh, and Katy O'Neal are special people and their dedication to the students of this community is truly inspiring.

Those of you who walked neighborhoods distributing literature and donated time in countless other ways, on behalf of the Dublin City Schools Board of Education and our students and staff, thank you for your efforts.

Although Issue 5 was supported by a wide electoral margin, several thousand people in our community voted against it.

We respect their vote and most importantly, we respect that they participated in the democratic process by voting.

We will continue to be diligent with taxpayer dollars and will continue to seek cost savings through increased operational efficiency.

We will also continue to use private sector business practices such as Lean Six Sigma, and we will continue seeking alternative sources of revenue.

We pride ourselves on being good stewards of taxpayers dollars and that commitment will continue going forward.

This important issue is going to shape the future of our school district for the next 10 years and beyond.

We have already begun the work of preparing for the construction of two new elementary schools set to open in the fall of 2020.

An elementary school design team has been working for several months in anticipation of community support.

The building timelines are ambitious and it is our plan to break ground on these new schools this spring.

One of the elementary schools will be built in Jerome Village, which is land the district purchased for $1.

The other elementary school will be built on Bright Road, which is land the district has owned for many years.

The fifth middle school is scheduled to open in 2021, using land in Jerome Village adjacent to the new elementary school.

Other aspects of Issue 5 will be used for additions to Dublin Jerome and Dublin Scioto high schools, safety and security upgrades at all schools, more mental health supports for students, and a long list of projects at each of our existing schools.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be developing an Issue 5 timeline we will share with the community.

Thank you, again, for prioritizing education and investing in the future of our community and country.

Dublin City School District Superintendent Todd Hoadley, Ph.D., submitted the From the Superintendent's Desk column.