Kristen Schweitzer is leaving Village Connections for a job with the state of Ohio.

Schweitzer, executive director of the German Village nonprofit organization, will run the Senior Community Services Employment Program for the state of Ohio.

"It's bittersweet," Schweitzer said. "I've enjoyed every minute. That's even when they were yelling at me."

Schweitzer, 33, has been in the position 2 1/2 years and officially will resign the day after Thanksgiving, which she will spend with members of the organization. She starts her new $54,000-a-year job Nov. 26.

"I am not leaving everyone behind because I will continue to serve as a volunteer," she said.

Village Connections was founded six years ago with a mission of helping seniors age in their residences longer by tending to everyday chores, such as transportation, social gatherings, shopping and friendly visits.

The organization, whose members pay dues, is now a social-services agency meant for those 50 years old and older. The hope is to get people to join when they are young, take on volunteering opportunities and enjoy the social nature of the group and use the services later in life, Schweitzer said.

Village Connections has a $100,000 annual budget and 87 members, Schweitzer said, more than twice the number when she started.

"We were so lucky to have (Schweitzer)," said Kimberley Cowie, president of the Village Connections board of directors. "I'm going to miss her."

Cowie said she's pleased that Schweitzer and Katie White, former Village Connections director, have gone to jobs where they can advocate on behalf of issues of aging, White with Age-Friendly Columbus.

Cowie said Village Connections was expected to send out social-media requests for resumes Nov. 12.

"We're hoping to have someone in place by the first of the year-ish," Cowie said.

The window to submit applications closes in 30 days, followed by two rounds of interviews and an offer made before Christmas, Cowie said.

She said the group has been fortunate to have energetic executive directors, but wants to remind people the job is also open to those who want "to get back to the workforce and give back to the community."