On Sunday, Nov. 4, the Brent Warner Fest Hall in the German Village Society Meeting Haus was abuzz with Society members for the 2018 Annual Meeting and Donor Appreciation event. Those in attendance were not only familiar with, but are committed to, the Society's mission to preserve, protect and promote life among the bricks.

The depth and breadth in how we manage to accomplish this continues to amaze me, but that is a direct result of the number of expert volunteers we have working alongside our mighty staff of four.

It was, indeed, an afternoon of reflection, celebration and appreciation.

First, we took care of business. Attendees approved the 2017 annual meeting minutes from board Secretary Brittany Gibson and the 2017 Audited Financials presented by board Treasurer John Barr.

Then, we moved on to unveiling and highlighting this year's annual report.

For example, The Brickline: An Urban Historic Discovery was born out the visionary and resourceful genius of Darci Congrove and John Pribble.

This iteration of the comprehensive signage program has 12 completed signs and 20 more in production.

Darci and John combine their passion for historic preservation, love for bringing our community together via a great party and expertise to work with staff on the execution of an invaluable education and preservation tool.

This is what a holistic approach to serving our mission can and should look like.

The 2018 Art Crawl is another example of looking "beyond the bricks" for resources.

Congratulations to the team for being awarded a grant from Ohio Arts Council totaling more than $2,700.

Moving forward, it will be critical that we look to diversify our resource pools -- from financial to human -- so that we can grow our work, not just sustain.

Speaking of diversity of resources, we have just welcomed two attorneys onto our board of trustees with Nelson Genshaft and Robin Strohm. They bring diversity in myriad other ways.

I am thrilled to work with this entire board just as I know they are looking forward to getting to work to continue building off the successful foundation we've inherited.

I can't forget the hard work and dedication of the German Village Society staff. Each highlight you read about in the annual report and throughout the year has a team member behind it.

It might be our resident historic preservation expert, Nancy Kotting's, tenacity and drive working to protect our community.

Perhaps it's Chelsey Craig working her magic to support all Society, as well as, the German Village Business Community.

Maybe it's Jena Wilson who dazzled the organization as an intern and will join the team full time as coordinator, development and marketing, beginning Nov. 16.

In my opinion, the afternoon feature was the premiere of the mini-documentary celebrating the 80th anniversary of Helen Winnemore's, produced by John Clark.

You can both view the video and find a copy of the annual report on our website, germanvillage.com. You can also pick up a copy of the annual report in the Visitor's Center.

The afternoon would not have been possible without support from Cambria who provided a signature cocktail, LA Catering's delicious hors d'oeuvres and Carol from the Baker's Rack for baking some delicious treats.

German Village Society Executive Director Delilah Lopez submitted the Village Notebook column.