The Northland Community Council has two fewer members on its rolls, including one that no longer even exists.

Secretary Alice Foeller, at the council's Nov. 6 meeting, announced that the Blendon Park Condominium Association was being dropped for lack of conforming to the bylaws, which require having a representative at a minimum number of consecutive monthly sessions.

In addition, Foeller said, the North Side Health Advisory Committee was also no longer part of the organization due to the same lack of attendance – but for the very good reason that Columbus Public Health officials eliminated the citizen panels in favor of "health ambassadors" focused on the concerns of specific sectors of the city.

Foeller said that in speaking with Blendon Park Condo members, she made it clear the NCC would welcome them back if and when they could routinely have someone at the meetings.

Her motion to drop the two organizations was approved unanimously.

Also at the Nov. 6 session, John Kirkpatrick, the one-man nominating committee, said he was setting a cutoff date of Dec. 23 to receive word from people interested in serving as one of the council's four officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.

The names of those willing to serve would be announced at the January meeting, and nominations accepted from the floor, Kirkpatrick said.

The vote will be taken in February.

Would-be officeholders must be on the board of the civic associations they represent, NCC president Alicia Ward said.

Ward once again appealed for someone to come forward to chair the council's Independence Day Parade, a tradition dating back more than half a century.

She urged representatives to the council to pass the word among their civic group members.

"They don't have to reinvent the wheel," Ward said. "We just need someone to put the wheel in motion."

Finally, Ward took a poll of those in attendance regarding a venue for the annual holiday meeting, which is held at a local restaurant and involves only a minimum of business and a maximum of socializing.

China Dynasty on East Dublin-Granville Road is willing to host the organization but is unable to provide a group discount, according to Ward.

Hunan House, where holiday meetings have been held previously, no longer employs enough staff to handle that many diners in a group.

China Buffet on Morse Road was offering a discount of 5 percent.

Don Tequila Mexican Grill on Cleveland Avenue's bid included 24-ounce margaritas for $3.99 and a 15-percent discount on food.

Fujiyama's Steakhouse, also on Cleveland Avenue and another previous holiday meeting site, was willing to host the group and provide a discount of 30 percent.

"Which is pretty huge," Ward said.

After two rounds of voting, Fujiyama's was the winner. The meeting will take place there Dec. 4.