For many musicians, especially those involved in numerous projects, the freedom to have control over one's musical ideas can be enticing.

Such is the case for Parker Louis, a man whose musical influence spans central Ohio.

Louis is one of the busiest and hardest-working artists on the Columbus music scene. (He conducted this interview while on a bus bound from Arizona to California.)

Though he has been involved with numerous groups in recent years, including local staples Doc Robinson and Forest & the Evergreens, Louis said an exciting amount of freedom accompanies being a solo musician.

He described it as "a new, fresh take on writing and playing," wherein he has the final say on all creative processes.

However, after diving into the writing of his first EP, "All Good Things, Pt. One," as a solo undertaking, he called upon various people who have been important to his musical career to fully realize the songs he had crafted.

"Once Forest & the Evergreens decided to take a hiatus, it all just fell into place," Louis said.

Concerning the relationship between his bandmates and his solo project, Louis is passionate in the sentiment that his songs weren't fully realized until his band members put their fingerprints on them in the studio.

Although almost every song on both his previous EP and new EP, "All Good Things, Pt. Two," was written alone, the beautiful and soulful collection was assembled as a group during the recording process.

It's safe to say Louis still is finding ways to express his musical ideas. He's someone to keep an eye on.

James Harker helps write the weekly In The Record Store column, which focuses on central Ohio music discovery and involvement.