Two Grove City residents reported theft of jewelry within a week.

A woman told police her anniversary ring was stolen Nov. 13 from the master bathroom at her residence in the 4700 block of Heycross Drive.

The woman told police she had hired a company to do repair work in her basement. She allowed one of the employees to use the master bathroom because her other two bathrooms were occupied, according to reports.

The woman said she escorted the man to the bathroom and waited in her bedroom until he was finished. He went downstairs and the woman went into the bathroom and noticed her ring, which she had placed earlier that day on the counter, was gone.

She said she asked the man about the ring and he denied taking it. He allowed her to check his pockets and toolbox and his work vehicle, and she did not find the ring, reports stated.

No charges have been filed, but the company took the man off the job, according to reports.

A resident in the 1500 block of Cree Court told police Nov. 19 a wedding band soldered to her engagement ring was stolen overnight from her unlocked car.

Total loss was $6,700, reports stated.

In other recent Grove City police reports:

* A resident in the 4200 block of Waterside Place told police she was checking her credit card statement when she discovered an unauthorized purchase of $1,546 was made Nov. 4 with a mattress company.

The merchandise was delivered to an apartment on Karl Road in Columbus, reports stated.

An employee of the mattress company told the woman her card number and billing address had been used for the order, but the Karl Road address was used for the shipping address.

The woman said she does not know anyone who lives on Karl Road.

* A resident in the 1400 block of Gateway Lakes Drive reported tools, a car stereo and a drone were stolen Nov. 14 from his vehicle. He said he came out to his vehicle and found the back hatch was open. Total loss was $1,049, reports stated.

* The owner of a fencing company told police some of his company's tools were stolen from an apartment complex in the 5800 block of Pear Tree Way where he and his employees were completing a project. The theft occurred between 8 p.m. Nov. 16 and noon Nov. 17, according to reports. The man said he had been given a key to a vacant apartment and he and his employees had been storing their tools in the apartment after they completed work each day.

* A resident in the 2700 block of Independence Way reported thefts from her and her husband's cars between 11 p.m. Nov. 16 and 5:02 p.m. Nov. 17. A bottle of perfume and medication were stolen from the wife's car. A cellphone, valued at $1,000, was taken from the husband's vehicle, according to reports.

* A Columbus woman reported two purses, valued at $1,000, were stolen from her car Nov. 17 while she was visiting Breck Park, 3005 Demorest Road.

* A juvenile reported Nov. 18 that he believes several guns his late father had given him in his will were stolen from a safe at his father's residence in the 5800 block of Ravine Creek Drive.

The boy said he father died on Nov. 8 and his father's will listed him as the recipient of several guns and gun accessories, reports stated. He said he went to his father's house on Nov. 18 to pick up the items, but found that multiple guns, valued at $800 total, were not in the safe.

* A resident in the 4000 block of Basswood Avenue reported Nov. 19 that two flat-screen televisions and a pair of running shoes were stolen from her house. Total loss was $900, reports stated.