Bubble and squeak is a common English breakfast made with a foundation of cabbage and potatoes and other vegetables. It often is served with sausages, a fried egg and gravy.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Would you ever try bubble and squeak?

Dennis Laycock: Potatoes and cabbage? Sure, sounds hearty.

Scott Hummel: I had to Google that one because I almost offered a smart-aleck answer. But now that I see what it is, that looks really good.

Andrew King: I am not at all interested in trying any new cabbage dishes.

Sarah Sole: is that a cartoon?

Neil Thompson: I'll try anything once, but I can't see boiled potatoes, cabbage and leftover vegetables being something I'd want to eat regularly.

Abby Armbruster: As one of the vegetarians on this panel, I'll have to save that question for the meat-eaters of our group.

Lee Cochran: After looking at the recipe, I'm thinking about making it, so yes.

Lisa Proctor: I would, mostly because it's potatoes and cabbage and I'm Irish, Scottish and German.

Nate Ellis: It sounds OK. I'd try it.