The Canal Winchester Board of Education took the first steps Nov. 19 toward placing a renewal levy on the ballot in May.

Board members unanimously approved a resolution of necessity for the levy, which is set to expire Dec. 31, 2019.

The last time voters approved the levy was in 2014. The five-year renewal levy, if approved, is expected to generate $6.2 million a year but would not increase the amount property owners pay in taxes.

"This will guarantee us at least another five years, if not more, with financial stability for the district," Superintendent Jim Sotlar said. "We haven't asked for new money since 2009, so it is a renewal. I hope everyone understands that we are not asking for any new school monies."

Treasurer Nick Roberts told the board in October that if the levy is not renewed, Canal Winchester schools could face a budget shortage of $1 million in fiscal year 2020; $5.5 million in 2021; $7.1 million in 2022; and $9.4 million in 2023.

Roberts told the board that if the resolution of necessity were approved, he would send it to the Franklin County Auditor's Office to be certified and to determine a millage amount.

The next step toward getting the measure before voters in May is for the board to approve a resolution to proceed. Sotlar said he anticipates that will be on the board agenda in December.

In other business Nov. 19, the board voted to accept $55,575 instead of a donation of land from Wilcox Communities.

Under the city's development policies, a developer must either give the school district a percentage of the land it purchases within city limits or pay the district the appraised value of the land at fair market value.

Roberts said the district's share of the17.43-acre site between U.S. Route 33 and North High Street would have been 1.71 acres.

A third-party appraisal, prepared by Brian W. Barnes & Co. Inc. of Dublin, determined the value of the land.