Dorothy Gatterdam, left, was a longtime vendor at Columbus' North Market who affectionately was known as "The Egg Lady."

In 1988, at age 83, Gatterdam sold fresh eggs to Mary Davis, who at that time had been a regular customer for 45 years. Prices that day were 80 cents a dozen (large); 90 cents (for extra large); and $1.00 (for jumbo).

Gatterdam told The Columbus Dispatch she would sell about 800 dozen eggs in the three days she worked each week that year.

In 1926, she began selling eggs for 8 cents a dozen at the Central Market, where her parents had a produce stand.

When that market closed in 1966, she moved the egg enterprise to the North Market.

Despite a series of mishaps in her later years (a broken hip, then wrist, and then ankle), she always returned to the market, until she retired at age 90.

Gatterdam died in 1999.