Boxty is a traditional Irish pancake served as a side at dinner or even for breakfast.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: Is there ever a bad time for boxty?

Dennis Laycock: During the third movement of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra's performance of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."

Scott Hummel: I don't know, lad. Did you hear one of me friends olagonin' about it?

Sarah Sole: There is not.

Neil Thompson: My northern Irish ancestry means I have to say no. Still, and perhaps coincidentally, potato cakes were favored by everyone in my family, except me.

Abby Ambruster: I like the zucchini version of the Irish potato pancake better. But if I was in Ireland, I would argue there's never a bad time for boxty.

Lee Cochran: I've never tried it, but it seems versatile enough. I saw a recipe with the thinner crepe version wrapped around meat like a burrito. That looks good.

Lisa Proctor: Yes, when you find out all of your potatoes have started to rot.

Nate Ellis: Probably at a business meeting, while driving or exercising.

Andrew King: They actually probably aren't served enough, so I'll say no.