Upper Arlington City Council agreed Dec. 10 to extend an annual salary increase and retention bonus to the city attorney, but postponed a similar performance assessment and decision for City Manager Ted Staton, who's been away from work for three months due to health issues.

Council voted unanimously to increase the salaries for City Attorney Jeanine Hummer and City Clerk Ashley Ellrod by 2.75 percent.

With the pay raise, Hummer's base salary for 2019 will be $147,693.59.

Per her contract, she also will receive a 10-percent retention bonus. That $14,769.36 will be deposited into a deferred compensation account.

Council has extended retention bonuses to Hummer and Staton each year since 2015.

Hummer has been with the city since 1989 and has been city attorney since 2001.

"I am honored to have worked for this city over the last 29-and-a-half years," she said. "This will be my last contract extension, since I will be retiring on May 31, 2020.

"I appreciate the confidence council has in me and I will continue my dedication to the city. I have been blessed to do the work that I love for the city I love."

Council Vice President Brendan King thanked Hummer for her dedication to the city.

"I've worked closer with her in this past year in leadership than I have before, and I appreciate her work more than ever and look forward to the next 17 months," he said.

In addition to the pay increase for Ellrod, council approved a $10,000 adjustment, effective Jan. 1, that will raise her pay in 2019 to $81,931.10.

Council President Kip Greenhill said the adjustment to Ellrod's salary was made to "put her in line with other clerks in the area."

Ellrod has been with the city since March 2012 and was promoted to city clerk in August 2014.

"I greatly appreciate City Council's confidence in me and their support for the work of my department. I feel fortunate to work for such a great city and I am honored to continue my service here," she said.

"I hear from so many residents that you represent the city so well and that you're always kind, always honest and you're more than willing to help them with the information they need," Councilwoman Sue Ralph said. "That means everything to a transparent city government, so thank you."

Council also voted 7-0 to postpone the 2018 performance evaluation for Staton and to continue the terms of his current contract until a date to be determined.

Staton has been on medical leave since Sept. 17 after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer. He has been Upper Arlington's city manager since October 2011 and this year is being paid a salary of $206,589.63.

"The city manager's medical treatment has been on track, and he remains hopeful that he will be able to resume some level of a work schedule in the near future," said Emma Speight, Upper Arlington's deputy city manager-community affairs.