Every new year brings with it the promise of fresh and exciting ingredients.

ThisWeek staffers answer the question: What will be the biggest food trend of 2019?

Andrew King: There seems to be a bit of a barbecue resurgence in Columbus at the moment, so I'm hoping for that.

Scott Hummel: I had to change my answer after recent news stories. With seemingly endless reports of bacteria in produce, I wonder if more and more people will grow their own. When I was a kid, we seldom bought produce from stores because we had our own garden. I could see that trending upward.

Sarah Sole: I feel like “locally sourced” will continue to be big.

Nate Ellis: You got me. Pretension?

Dennis Laycock: I don't know, but I hope it's something I like. Maybe everything will have kalamata olives in it?

Abby Armbruster: Possibly simpler dishes -- meals with fewer ingredients.

Lisa Proctor: In light of all of the 2018 recalls, growing your own food.

Neil Thompson: In central Ohio, I think the proliferation of vegetarian and overall healthful options is going to continue and even increase in 2019. Around the country, people seem to be eating more insects and bugs. I wish I were making that up.

Lee Cochran: For me? The air fryer oven. I got one and felt like I was welcomed into some sort of fraternity. In general? Although already popular, I think you'll see the continued rise in use of organic foods.