The first meeting of the new year for the Northwest Civic Association is not scheduled to be held until Feb. 6.

Nick Cipiti, president of the board of trustees, canceled January's session.

Cipiti, who had been toying with the idea of canceling the session since before the December meeting, made it official in a Dec. 17 email.

"The January NWCA meeting is canceled," he wrote. "There are no zoning requests and because the meeting falls the day after New Year, I have been notified that there will be a number of absences."

Earlier, the board president said the only reason to have held a session Jan. 3 would have been if a graphics or zoning matter required the attention of the trustees prior to the February meeting.

"Unless we get somebody who has a timing issue and needs to get in front of us in January, I'll cancel it," he said.

"It's the day after New Year's Day and I've got family in town, and a lot of people have told me they can't make it."

Cipiti said he did not book a speaker for January in anticipation of that meeting not taking place, but has asked Jennifer Noll of the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission to make a presentation Feb. 6.

In the Dec. 17 email, Cipiti also noted he, along with trustees Cheryl Grossman and Lizzy Steffensmeier, finally have made improvements to the civic association's website,

"We made a lot of progress and I hope to have it completely updated very soon," Cipiti wrote.

"We were just noodling with it, really, trying to come up with a little better look," Grossman said.

The civic organization's Facebook page will continue to provide more immediate information, she said, while the website will serve as more of an historic resource.

"It's a useful tool for anybody who discovers the organization and would like to have some more information. Traditionally Facebook is a little light on background, so it's nice to have a website that has information on who people are ... .

"I hope it continues to improve. It's just getting started."