Upper Arlington police officers have an agreement in place that would increase their salaries in each of the next three years.

A new collective-bargaining agreement with members of the Upper Arlington Police Division represented by Fraternal Order of Police Capital City Lodge No. 9 would give those officers 3.25 percent raises in 2019 and 2020, and 3 percent raises in 2021.

The agreement was approved unanimously Dec. 10 by Upper Arlington City Council.

The agreement covers all city police officers, with the exception of the chief and civilian employees.

Currently, there are 53 officers covered by the new contract, according interim Chief Jon Wilhelm.

"From the city's perspective, the negotiation process was successful, with few items needing to be addressed, which speaks to how well the contract has moved forward in recent years," said Dan Ralley, Upper Arlington's assistant city manager.

The contract will replace a three-year deal council approved in September 2015 that provided 2.75 percent raises to officers in the union in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

According to Dec. 10 staff report to council from Ralley and city attorney Jeanine Hummer, the cumulative increase for the three-year contract is approximately $669,000.

A representative of FOP Capital City Lodge No. 9 did not return multiple calls or an email seeking comment about the agreement.

According to the staff report from Ralley and Hummer, negotiations with the FOP opened Oct. 26 and were concluded Nov. 20.

The city's current contract with the FOP is set to expire Dec. 31.

Council approved the ordinance agreeing to the contract by emergency, ensuring the new deal would be in place by Jan. 1.

Per the terms of the new agreement, a beginning police officer would be paid $58,912.88 in the first year of the contract. With step increases based on seniority, an officer could make as much as $92,902.99 in the contract's first year.

Those figures increase to $60,827.73 and $95,922.32, respectively, in year two of the contract, and $62,652.51 and $98,800, respectively, in year three.

Sergeants would receive $106,746.43 in year one, $110,215.66 in year two and $113,522.24 in year three.

Lieutenants would receive $122,847.09 in year one, $126,839.44 in year two and $130,644.80.

As in the current contract, UAPD members of the FOP will receive paid time off for nine holidays and four personal days.

Funeral leave under the new contract also will remain at three days. However, the new contract stipulates that those days can be nonconsecutive.