Building themselves from the ground up, the Worn Flints are no strangers to the lifestyle of a band on the move.

After a cold call from a promoter in 2015, Kenny Stiegele, Steve Trabulsi and Jake Smith found themselves in the midst of a great deal of spotlight just after releasing their first album, "Second Sun."

Within the span of a few months, they were on stage with Alabama Shakes, not only in Columbus, but for a brief run in Florida, as well.

The Columbus-based band's next record, 2017's "Clementine," acts more as a rumination on its sudden success.

The album is full of stories about traveling and songs band members believed would resonate with people about living on the road for a better part of the year.

"('Clementine') reflects whatever was going on at any given moment in our lives during that time," Stiegele said.

Going into the release of a third album, coming early in 2019, the Worn Flints took a different approach that allowed the band members to explore their creative tendencies more than ever before.

"This new record is more of a blend between hard hitters and our more experimental side," Stiegele said. "We spent a lot more time on writing this time around."

In the spirit of this immersive sound, the band members decided to put themselves physically in a creative position.

The Flints went to Cincinnati to record and, in the words of Stiegele, "lived the recording process" by way of literally living at the studio for days at a time.

The product, an album dealing with such themes as life, love and mortality, certainly ends up reflecting that intimate and emotional process in the band's eyes.

Despite its travel history, the Worn Flints still consider the Columbus scene home.

"We usually go into hiding after touring or album cycles, and whenever we come back, Columbus is always so positive and supportive," Stiegele said.

For the release of "Clementine," the Worn Flints managed to pull together the band's first headlining show at the Newport Music Hall, an impressive feat for any locally based act.

Though the band has been quiet for some time now, the Worn Flints have been anything but lazy.

With the release of the upcoming LP, the trio is sure to be back dropping the jaws of crowds and showing that they are more powerful and close than they ever have been.

James Harker helps write the weekly In The Record Store column, which focuses on central Ohio music discovery and involvement.