Since 2016, the Northwest Civic Association and northwest Columbus residents have advocated with Ohio State University, the state of Ohio and the city of Columbus to create on the OSU sheep farm site a "... community park, featuring a hub and gathering place that fulfills the educational, recreational and assembly needs of Northwest Columbus residents, both today and in the years to come."

This statement to the state Legislature undergirded the state's approval of the sale.

At present, northwest Columbus, overbuilt and haphazardly developed, has only three public parks for a total of 39 acres. We have no large community park, no full-scale community center, no library, no senior center, no public meeting place, no shelter houses, no public event space, no public swimming pools, no woodlands or nature preserve.

A community park created on this sheep farm land will include, we hope, a future community center and library, a large nature preserve with a wildlife sanctuary and observation shelters, multi-use paths, community gardens, parkland and picnic areas, a playground, indoor and outdoor event and meeting spaces and athletic fields for northwest Columbus residents.

We desire to be good environmental stewards of the land through prairie, wetland and woodland restoration; parkland, flower gardens, and community gardens; the restoration and use of the existing farmhouse and barns for meetings and events.

We welcome collaborating with preservation and environmental groups to restore and care for the existing buildings and the land in environmentally and economically wise ways.

We understand that the development of this community park will occur in phases as funding allows.

Our vision is to provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to learn, to gather, to exercise, to enjoy nature.

Our hope is create a sense of community and belonging for all northwest Columbus residents.

Ellen Carol Jones

Northwest Columbus