In 2019, the Bexley City School District will continue to implement the strategic plan that the district completed last spring and the board of education adopted in August, according to Superintendent Kimberly Pietsch Miller and board President John Barno.

"I am looking forward to the opportunities that we have in 2019 to advance our district mission to engage, equip and empower each student," Miller said. "Through professional learning and programming, we will provide new learning experiences for both our students and our staff."

The strategic plan consists of four themes: build upon a student-centered learning culture; open doors that lead to flexible, expansive future opportunities; leverage and grow vital community partnerships; and develop a high-performing team. As part of a discussion session in November, district officials shared three-year objectives and first-year goals for each of the four themes.

One aspect of implementing the strategic plan is identifying options for ongoing needs of the district's buildings, Barno said.

"We are looking at our facilities and how we will need to change as our student enrollment continues to increase," he said. "We will need to address the evolving needs for our students' learning environment."

Other work that the district plans to complete on the strategic plan in 2019 includes:

* Developing Student Success Profiles -- This aspect of the plan includes identifying learning goals for each student based on their individual needs and strengths. The district will also gather and analyze data to monitor student progress and instructional effectiveness.

* Assessing students' social and emotional well-being -- This part of the plan includes professional development for staff to assess students' social and emotional needs in academics and extracurricular activities.

* Curriculum review -- The district will review and update the curriculum at various grade levels for science, health, physical education, art, music, theater and consumer science.

* Developing a district-wide technology plan -- The process includes conducting a technology infrastructure audit and analyzing technology surveys of staff and students that the district completed in 2017.